Why I choose MEDSPALINE?

Our small team have been involved with beauty machine for a number of years. We have adapted to the ever growing demand for more robust, faster and longer ride times and keep with the latest hydro facial machine and HIEMT machine available all using our tried and tested circuit board and handles.


We pride ourselves on customer service in all of our growing territories, and intend to continue to expand or customer support team to give the best service available.


Our beauty machines and accessories are tested in all manor of extreme conditions, so we know your machines is made to last using the best and latest technology on the scene. The machines are also designed to be modular, so in the unlikely event of an issue we can quickly ship any part with clear instruction videos on how to replace, meaning your time off the beauty machine is kept to a minimum.


We offer 360 days warranty from the purchase and direct contact with our service team should you ever require them.


We provide local shipping in the US.


Medspaline has been on the market for a long time so that you can trust the brand is not going to just disappear.


Is my beauty machine professional?

Medspaline beauty machine is professional for aesthetician or massage thrapist use. If you don’t have any experience with similar machines, please contact our customer service to get training video.


Hydro facial machine, cavitation machine, infrared sauna blanket is easy to use, however 3-5years skin or body treatment experience will be required on laser beauty machine, cryolipolysis machine, microneedling machine and HIEMT machine treatment. If you are licensed aesthetician, massage therapist,or dermatologists, machines can be operated directly. 


Safety Warning:  If there was potential risk of patient with disease, please stop use the machines!  


How do I install the beauty machines?

Our customer service will contac you in 24 hours after receive your installation request via Email or Whatsapp with video or picture guidlines.


How do I store the beauty machines?

1. After operation or using, please turn switch off.

2. When you pull power cord out from outlet, do not pull it hand.

3. Do not install a beauty machine where high power, temperature, humidity, sunlight spot. dust area, etc... are stay.

4. Please check a incline area, shaking and impact before you installation of machines.

5. Do not leave it alone with key in it.

6. If you clean a lens, you may apply a mild cleaner with small amount of water, after wipe it with dry cloth, you should check whether the cleaner was go one into the inside hand piece or not.

7. Do not leave it alone when it READYmode.


What are the recommend ages?

We recommend the patients's age to be 18 years and up. Children under 18 years needs to be under the Adult's supervision. Please make sure you always understand the patients physical condition then operat the beauty machines.


Safety Warning

The Patients with the following symptoms should be cautious in using the HIFU machine and laser beauty machine. Please consult doctors or professionals before using the device. The details are as follows:

1. Before using the instrument, the skin of the physiotherapy part should be cleaned to prevent the dirt from entering the skin with ultrasonic waves or preventing the penetration of ultrasonic waves. Please remove

all metal objects from your body before treatment to avoid unpredictable conditions and affect the efficacy.

2. It is better to use a certain viscosity of the medium, which is conducive to the better integration of ultrasound and skin, and to prevent the gap from causing reflection, which is not conducive to better transmission of sound energy.

3. Each treatment area should not be repeated too much, up to three times, to avoid skin redness and swelling.

4. The degree of heat of the probe does not represent the output of the ultrasonic power; the water liquid with a small concentration or drug should not be directly infiltrated, otherwise it may cause dry skin.

5. The probe should not be close to the eye or pass through the eyeball when using the instrument.

6. The instrument should also be used with caution by patients who are ill unless the doctor's permission is obtained.

7. Patients with malignant tumors, hemophilia or severe bleeding

8. Patients with major diseases and who with skin diseases and infectious diseases should be used with caution.

9. Heart, brain, neck nerve center, spine, eyeball, bleeding, injection.

10. Pregnant women, severe heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and high blood pressure.

11. The treatment of Ultrasonic beauty instrument can only be performed after half a year of injection of hyaluronic acid.

12. After treatment,do not eat spicy food ,and do not wash your face with superheated or supercooled water within a hot yoga, sauna, steamed face and facial massageAvoid squeezing the face,apply mask for hydration every day for a week, and pay attention to sun protection,what’s more ,do not use the RF and light instrument for treatment within a month.


People who avoided using body massage beauty machines or infares sauna blanket: 

1. Pregnant

2. Heart Diseases

3. Asthma

4.  In menstrual period

5.  Patient with Hyperthyroidism

6.  Patient with bleeding and in recovery

7.  All kinds of Infectious Disease

8.  Cerebral Hemorrhage in recovery. People who have to accompanied with their family and must intermittently when using sauna

9. Patient with Hypertension (over 160mmHG)

10. Patient with severe Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular

11. Patient with Terminal Cancer




Where is your warehouse?

We have several warehouses covering most of US and China, and support team members in China and using different languages to help with inquiries and after sales customer support and service.


Goods in the EU ship from China and sales support and customer service is in China. Goods in the USA ship from our CA warehouse or China warehouse. Other regions or when the inventory is not in the US or EU, the goods will be shipped from our warehouse in China. Our main manufacturing and development office is in the Guangzhou region of China.


What is the shipping time?

Shipping time from USA is 3-5 business days and shipping from China is 7-10 business days.

For more details, please check our shipping instruction page:


How much is shipping?

The price we showed on page already includes shipping cost for customer from USA and EU, however, all countries require a import and VAT when machines enter that territory.


Spare or replacement parts not covered under warranty which are shipped to all regions and will need to pay shipping cost,import and VAT at the regional rate.


How soon can I use my tracking status?

If ship by fast delivery(mainly DHL), your tracking status will be updated in 2-5 business days after payment.


If ship by sea, tracking information may not update until the package enters your country's border, so don't be surprised if your tracking information doesn't update for a few days if you have requested your item ship directly from our offices in China.


Return and Warranty Policy

For more details, please check our Refund & Return page


What is the warranty?

We offer 3 months (90 days) warranty on parts from the date when you receive the beauty machines. If a defect arises during the Warranty Period, Company will, at is options:

Send the new parts to replace the defect parts. Most of the parts are fairly easy to be replaced with our design with our YouTube video instructions.

Exchange the affected Products with functionally equivalent Products that are new or formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability. This warranty excludes normal depletion of consumable parts (solutions, tips, masks, needles etc.) unless due to a defect in materials or workmanship, and damage resulting from abuse, accident, modifications, unauthorized repairs, neglect, abuse, water damage, or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship.   

Manufacturer's warranty applies exclusively to new complete beauty machines purchased from MEDSPALINE website. Beauty machines purchased elsewhere (unauthorized re-seller), used condition, or second hand are NOT covered under our standard warranty. And we do not provide warranty for the spare parts unless they arrive damaged. Backfire Skateboards reserves the final right to explain the details of above policy.


For warranty repairs in United States, here are processes:

Contact our Support team to to provide your order No and detail information of the defectiveness, some photos or a short 15 seconds video will be helpful. A pre-paid return label will be provided to you via email once the case of warranty is confirmed.

Pack the Products in original packaging or mail in a sturdy box to ensure the Products will be returned without damage.

Once the Products are received and fixed, you will receive an email detailing the warranty service along with the return shipments tracking number.


Local laws and regulations

Please check your local legal requirement of the beauty machines and medical before you buy it and use it, the laws and regulations vary by countries, states or counties.